Once you’ve paid your Holding Deposit equivalent of 1 week’s rent, what do you need to be doing during the next few days?

1. You need to complete an application form to complete your referencing application with:

-Previous Address
-Current Address
-Employer details, number & address
-Previous landlord details, number & address

All addresses require postcodes. Please complete and return this information within 24 hours to avoid delaying your tenancy signing appointment.

2. Once you have passed the vetting, we will notify you of this and we will send you a sample tenancy agreement so that you are familiar with the document you are about to sign. If you are unsure about anything within the agreement, please seek le or a solicitor prior to signing.

3. The vetting procedure needs to be completed within 4 days so we require that the application and all supporting documents be submitted to us within 48 hours (please ensure that the Holding Fee is paid and Application form is completed regardless of whether supporting documents are present at the time)   The tenancy agreement needs to be signed prior to moving into the property. If you are moving into the property very quickly, we may agree to sign it on the date you are actually moving into the property.

4. At least 24 hours before your tenancy signing appointment you must:

-Pay the remaining 1st months’ rent & Bond, by bank transfer.

-Sign the standing order form for your monthly rent payment and take it into your bank.

-Alternatively you can set up a standing order online by using the account details provided below.

Please make sure you reference the property address, so we know who to allocate your payment to.

Account Details

Name: Everything Lettings (Group) Limited
Sort Code: 30-84-59
Account No: 60803960

What could go wrong?

If the references are unsatisfactory, the property may be let to another party.   

You may not meet the referencing requirements /the landlord could decide not to rent the property (if you withhold information for example )

If one of the above happens will I get my holding fee back?

If the Landlord alters conditions or decides not to rent the property, we would refund your Holding Fee

Your holding fee, the equivalent of 1 weeks rent will be deducted and used towards your 1st months rental amount, e.g – £500 rent, minus £115.38 Holding fee = 1st months remaining rent due £384.62

If the reason the Everything Lettings / Landlord do not rent the property to you is that you withheld, or did not disclose the required information (in point 1 and on the application form)  regarding your employment, landlord references, character reference or your personal status, you will be rejected as an applicant.